Live Webinar: Get Smart About Sales and Finance

Unifying sales analytics and planning increases financial performance

Join us for a live webinar!

Date: October 30, 2012

Time: 10 am PT/1 pm ET

These days getting smarter in sales and finance requires a keen focus on the analytics that drive effective performance. But most organizations do not have the tools to produce an integrated sales plan that includes quotas, forecasts and commissions to improve performance and work with finance and operations efficiently. Increasing profitability across product lines and customers is near impossible with spreadsheets and dated tools that were not designed to unify analytics.
Find out how saving time and increasing accuracy in planning can save organizations likeyours millions of dollars. Join Mark Smith, Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research, Bryan Bayless, Vice President of McAfee and Frederic Laluyaux of Anaplan for a live webinar as they explore the reality faced by finance and sales professionals and how every organization can get smart about sales and finance!

Learn the following:

  • Why planning with dedicated sales analytics saves time and money
  • Understand how organizations like McAfee saved millions in just a few months by integrating planning
  • Gain insight on achieving benefits that matter to every sales and finance organization

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Mark Smith
CEO & Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Bryan Bayless
Vice President, McAfee

Fred Laluyaux
CEO, Anaplan

Register to receive a free copy of the Integrated Planning white paper!