Ventana Research Business Technology Leadership Summit 2013

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May 29th

12 pm - Registration Opens

1 pm to 2:20 pm - Executive Workshops

Track 1 - Business Session: Deciphering the New Human Capital Management Model - Is SaaS Right for You?

Organizations face a number of challenges when moving or upgrading their Human Capital Management (HCM) applications. From HR and Payroll to talent management and workforce management, newer SaaS models promise lower initial investments and ease of deployment, making them an enticing new option. In addition, consolidating systems so you can reduce the number of vendors you need to manage can improve support and reduce overall administration. However, both of these choices have tradeoffs which are important to understand. There are so many variables when attempting to find the right answer for your organization.

During this workshop,session leaders will answer these crucial questions and more:

  • - Is there a SaaS provider available that provides all the software services that you need?
  • - Should you be looking at a single platform HCM solution or best of breed approach?
  • - Where do the trade-offs between these two models exist?
  • - Will a SaaS infrastructure provide the customization an on-premise solution can offer?
  • - How do you keep to your employee data secure and more importantly usable to drive informed decisions?

You’ll learn about which delivery models and platform choices make the most sense not just for your HR organization, and also for your company. Attendees will leave with a core set of best practices and key takeaways that can be implemented immediately.

Workshop Leaders: Stephan Millard, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research and Jayson Saba, VP of Strategy and Industry Relations, Ceridian

Track 2 - Next Generation Location Intelligence: Maximizing Value of Customer Relationships through Mobile Technology

The benefits of Location intelligence have moved beyond traditional Business Intelligence. With mobile technology from smartphones and tablets, the access to information by location is more readily available than ever before. Now marketing, sales, operations and other business professionals can easily get to localized customer intelligence to help optimize decisions and take more decisive action without previously required geo-spatial or cartographic skills.

Significantly enhanced mobile delivery can provide insight on market-share, trade areas, competitors’ points of sale, demographic data, consumer potential, client typology and penetration rate. Tablets and new mobile devices make it easy to interrogate data visually and gain valuable location oriented intelligence from anywhere, resulting in flexibility to make faster decisions and improve time to market for new products and services. Workshop leaders will provide you with actionable insights on:

  • - How to increase effectiveness of marketing campaigns through localization.
  • - How to improve sales efforts through better management of territories, lead assignment and routing.
  • - How to maximum customer engagement through behavioral and location intelligence to increase profits and brand loyalty.

Session attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the benefits of deploying next generation location intelligence and how to build a business case for investment.

Workshop Leaders: Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research and Patrick Hayes, Managing Director - North America for Galigeo, Inc.

2:35 pm to 3:55 - Executive Workshops

Track 1 – Next Generation Business Planning

When business conditions change, as they always do, companies must adapt quickly and collaboratively. Organizations face an increasing challenge as they attempt to improve their performance and competitive position while adjusting to rapid changes in the economy, commodity prices and financial markets. Companies need to determine the best strategy for succeeding in the markets they serve and ensure they have the capabilities needed to support their strategic objectives. They must develop plans to be able to allocate their investments wisely and ensure they have the resources (both financial and otherwise, such as personnel with the appropriate skills) to support those investments. An organization’s planning process must, in the end, provide its executives with the ability to quickly make informed decisions that consistent with corporate strategy. As conditions evolve, the entire organization must have the ability to adapt in a coordinated fashion. Companies need to look to next generation business planning processes and tools to succeed in today’s dynamic global economy.

This workshop will help executives and managers to better understand how to improve their efforts with specific knowledge on:

  • - Best and worst planning practices.
  • - How integrated planning enhances coordination and strategic alignment and can shorten the time required to make informed decisions.
  • - Practical applications for advanced planning technologies and how to build a business case for investment in them.

Workshop Leaders: Robert Kugel, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research and Jennifer Maddox, Director of Product Strategy, Tidemark

Track 1 – Mobilze your Business and Customer Intelligence: How to Build a Best-in-Class Mobile BI Strategy

The need to get information and actionable analytics to business professionals is pressing every organization. But creating a strategy and advancing your organization without a specific business goal is a recipe for disaster. Recent research into next generation of BI has found that the goals of mobile BI are to increase workforce productivity in over half of organizations (55%), but the necessary capabilities are just beginning to be available and not always aligned to the needs of business. As a booming market for mobile BI is still finding its feet, finding the right mix of technology that can be used by business professionals should be a required facet of your overall mobile technology strategy.

During this session, you’ll hear from industry experts about the pulse of mobile BI technology and how these platforms can fit into an organization’s strategy.

Workshop Leaders: Tony Cosentino, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research and Richard Snow, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research

4:00 to 5:30 pm - Welcome Cocktail Reception

May 30th

8:00 am - Registration Opens

9 am - Welcome

9:15 am - Keynote: Why Business is Broken with Old and Ineffective Technology
New transformative technologies are rapidly becoming the foundation for effective business. Social Media, Cloud Computing, Collaboration, Mobile Technology, Big Data and Business Analytics are now integral threads of the new enterprise. Organizations need to take a holistic view of these technologies to weave into the fabric of business processes to engage the people to interact and improve the organization. Learn about use cases and the core competencies required to gain full value from investments. Most importantly, learn how to use these innovative technologies to transform your business utilizing an integrated business technology strategy for the entire enterprise.
Speaker: Mark Smith, CEO, Ventana Research

10 am - Transformation Through Technology: Maximizing Productivity Through Exemplary Leadership
Exceptional leaders are not deterred by barriers to success (resistance, complexity, discord) but rather, they embrace these challenges to bring out the best in their teams and their companies. They lead by example. They include and engage everyone. They nurture exceptional effort in the face of adversity, and recognize everyone’s contributions along the way. They create an environment in which their teams can thrive, and empower them to learn and grow. They recognize opportunities for positive change, take decisive yet thoughtful action, and they produce results.
Learn how our Ventana Research Leadership Award winners effectively lead their organizations forward with balanced attentions to people, process, information and technology.

Speaker and moderator: Stuart Robbins, Principal Advisor and Accomplished Author


- Scott Travasos, CAO, BSR, 2012 CFO Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Sara Hilliard, VP Product Management, IFDS and 2012 Business Intelligence Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- E.F (Gene) Rados, Jr., Senior Director, Projects and Content Management, W.W. Grainger, 2013 Service and Supply Chain Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

10:45 - Busting Up BI and Building the Big Data Analytics Foundation
Precisely what big-data analytics is and how to pursue it remains unclear. The result is confusion among potential adopters about its usefulness and business value as well as the best way to proceed. Should organizations invest further into visualization or data discovery to work with big data? Should they instead delve more deeply into statistics and predictive analytics? Or should they look for new ways to integrate big data into their current operational systems? This lack of clarity poses a challenge for organizations seeking competitive advantage, improved profitability, better regulatory compliance or more reliable information security. This session will help you learn how to harness next generation technology to find that valuable needle in the haystack using big data and predictive analytics. Gain insight into current best practices and pitfalls. Better understand how to use advanced analytics to build an effective strategy to surge ahead and achieve long-term success.
Speaker: Tony Cosentino, VP & Research Director, Ventana Research

11:15 am - The Collective Enterprise
Using Cloud-Based and Collaborative technology can introduce new dynamics, some good some less desirable. Learn how to use these technologies to your advantage and address common concerns such as data governance, security and compliance issues.
Speaker: Robert Kugel, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research

11:45 AM - Sure You’re a Leader but Is Your Team Following? Gaining More Valuable Productivity from Your Workforce
If give your employee’s the chance to learn and grow they will thrive and so will your organization. Employees that have been empowered to find solutions and encouraged to collaborate to get the job done have stronger levels of employee engagement, better performance and have better rates career progression than other employees. Join this session to learn how to use breakthrough methods and see key research that will help to supercharge your team to not just achieve but contribute to the growth of the organization.
Speaker: Stephan Millard, VP & Research Director, Ventana Research

12:15 to 1:15 pm - Lunch

1:30 PM - Afternoon Track Sessions

Track 1: Thought Leadership Exchange: Eliminate Spreadsheet Hell - Adopting New Ways to Reduce Spreadsheet Risks
Millions of organizations put up with inefficiencies and risk losses because desktop spreadsheets were not designed to be used the way most companies use them Desktop spreadsheets are handy for ad-hoc analysis and reports, prototyping and other common tasks. In a corporate setting, however, the disadvantages and dangers of desktop spreadsheets outweigh these conveniences. They are error-prone. Spreadsheets are difficult to audit and clumsy to work with in collaborative, repetitive business processes such as budgeting, sales and operational planning and compensation management.

Rather than get rid of spreadsheets, companies have more practical and affordable options than ever to have the best of both worlds – the familiarity and ease of use of desktop spreadsheets with greater control, ease of use in collaborative processes and better data visualization. This session will help you learn how to gain control and oversight to ensure effective process management, notification and visibility using enterprise class technology.
Moderators: Rob Shearin, CEO of BizDNA and Robert Kugel, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research

- Meghan Maze, SVP and Chief Accounting Officer, Rabobank, N.A and 2013 CFO Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Scott Franzel, VP of Information Technologies, OFS Brands and 2013 Overall IT Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Alexander Pischetsrieder, Head of Organization and InfoManagement, SportScheck and 2013 Information Management Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

Track 2: Thought Leadership Exchange: Listening to the New Voice of the Customer – Using Mobile and Social Channels
The primary channel for customer engagement for the time being remains the call center but a paradigm shift has begun to take place. Customer expectations have extended beyond traditional channels, opening up to include company-wide contact through many different communication channels, including website inquiries, social channels, text messages, instant messages and video applications. Companies are beginning to recognize the shift in customer priorities. They are looking for new approaches to improve customer interactions and retention instead of focusing primarily on acquiring new customers.

This session will examine current adoption of next generation customer engagement models and the technologies to support them. Learn about:

  • -Opportunities and issues that accompany these new forms of engagement.
  • -The impact on customers' experiences and expectations.
  • -Steps companies can take to ensure the best possible customer loyalty and revenue outcomes.

Moderators: Sarah Stealey Reed, Editor-at-Large, ICMI and Richard Snow, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research
- Jenelle Kueter, Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing, International Speedway Corporation and 2013 Marketing Excellence Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- William Helmrath, Director, XO Communications and 2013 Business Analytics Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Cris Payne, Customer Intelligence and Strategic Marketing, XO Communications and 2013 Business Analytics Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

2:30 pm - Afternoon Track Sessions

Track 1: Thought Leadership Exchange: Attracting and Retaining Star Employees with Next Generation Applications and Technology
Organizational leaders must be able to identify and retain the key talent of current staff members as well as attract and hire new talent. But challenges face today’s executives. New business models that offer flexibility and alternative means for team collaboration is a must. Rising stars also need to see a path for growth and career development. Organizations need a long-term strategy to manage and develop talent or they will face retention issues.

Panelists will share best practices and strategies for developing and retaining talent. You’ll learn methods to effectively use new technology and tools to foster and develop tomorrow's leaders today.
Moderators: Kevin Dobbs, CEO of Montclare and Stephan Millard, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research

- Paula Caya, Corporate HR Director, Dentsply International, 2013 CFO Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Chris Salles, Director of eLearning, Guitar Center and 2013 Overall Business Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Rich Berger, Group Director, HRIS and Metrics, Citrix, 2013 Mobile Technology Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

Track 2: Thought Leadership Exchange: Painting the Whole Picture for Decision-Makers through Big Data and Business Analytics
Mobile and social technologies have emerged, creating new possibilities for how, where and when we analyze data. These new technologies have also introduced more valuable information for fact-based decision-making by creating massive amounts of data exhaust. But these new technologies also come with challenges in data integration, data volume and usability. Learn how to optimize business intelligence processes through next generation technologies to improve data integration, and derive real business value from the proliferating sources of information.
Moderators: Moderators: Robin Fray Carey, CEO, SmartData Collective and Tony Cosentino, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research

- Dave P. Mariani, VP of Engineering, Klout

- Franklin Rios, President, Luminar, an Entravision Company, 2013 Big Data Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Laverne Williams, CS Metrics and Results, SaskTel, 2013 Location Intelligence Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

- Gregory Lewandowski, Analytics and BI, Cisco Systems, 2013 Analytics Leader Ventana Research Leadership Award Winner

4 PM - Leading the Business with Confidence – Using Information and Technology to Deliver Smart, Faster Outcomes: 2013 Leadership Awards Ceremony
While it’s apparent that organizational leadership is required to embrace and apply technology to business issues to deliver better outcomes, it’s more difficult to find passionate leadership with the ability to drive necessary change against waves of resistance. In this closing keynote, Mark Smith, will provide the glimpse into the qualities true leaders possess that enable them to make new initiatives a reality and inspire their teams to advance their organizations to a new competitive level of operating efficiency.

Join us to honor the 2013 Ventana Research Business Technology Leadership Awards recipients. These organizations and individuals exemplify the model of success of organizations can achieve when leaders are inspired to make change happen.

Host: Mark Smith, CEO, Ventana Research

8 to 11 pm - Official Summit Celebration, Hard Rock Café, Fisherman’s Wharf